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Manuel & Mary are a Christian American family and Limited Partners of Faith Driven VC™ ?️. Manuel is retired with military service to his country and worked as a contractor in Iraq. Mary is a retired dental assistant. They are the proud parents and grandparents of their children and blessed grandchildren and are working towards providing them a more prosperous future in Christ.

Manuel & Mary were connected to Faith Driven VC’s founder and GP through a mutual church friend and were introduced to the Ark™ ?️ market opportunity, business model, revenue generation model and ministry model at FAITHx™ ?. After a presentation and earnest prayer, Manuel & Mary joined the Faith Driven VC investment fund and Ark™ ?️ global ownership group without reservation.

As Faith Driven investors, Manuel & Mary believe it is very important to invest in Christian companies, faith driven entrepreneurs and faith driven ventures that embrace our values and worldviews as Christians.

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