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Welcome to our Faith Driven Ventures Education Centre 😇

Hello! It’s great to see you.

Thank you for your interest in reviewing why Faith Driven Ventures present the highest ROI for your portfolio among all Christian investment opportunities. Please take a moment to study our commentary on Faith Driven Consumers then proceed to contact us below as a Faith Driven Investor when you’re ready.

What is a Faith Driven Venture? 🤔

Faith driven ventures are often conflated with Christian ventures. This is a direct result of Christian entrepreneurs and investors not being educated to the formal definition of a Faith Driven Consumer. Faith driven ventures may target Christian consumers in general but in particular they target faith driven consumers in the US and worldwide.

What is an Example of a Faith Driven Venture, Brand and Company? 🤔

You can see two examples in our development and investment portfolio at ChristianMomentum™ 🛍️ and Arkbnb™ 🏡. These are Christian startups that are building Network Effects co-creator platforms that target in general 2.4 billion Christian shoppers and global travelers, but in particular 408 million Faith Driven Consumers worldwide. 🌎

What is a Faith Driven Consumer? 🤔

FIRST: A Faith Driven Consumer has a consistent, deeper, daily fellowship with God and is therefore more consecrated in their relationship to Jesus as compared to everyday Christian consumers. As a direct result, faith driven consumers proactively make the choice as a forethought to honor God with their wallet and consumer-spending choices. Whole-life stewardship includes all financial decisions and how best to use their resources to build up and advance the Kingdom of God.

SECOND: Faith Driven Consumers are the most powerful consumer-subset in the history of mankind! There is no other consumer-subset that even comes close. 41 million faith driven consumers in the US spend an astronomical US$2 trillion dollars annually in the global marketplace. Faith Driven Venture Capital™ projects that another 367 million faith driven consumers outside the US spend an additional US$12 trillion dollars shopping every year.

The unfortunate fact is research shows faith driven consumers feel unwelcome in the global marketplace. An overwhelming majority of all faith driven consumers (89%) would like to see the global marketplace do more for them in terms of being adequately acknowledged, welcomed and provided for as Christians and Faith Driven Consumers.

At Faith Driven Venture Capital™, we get that! 💡

Why are Faith Driven Ventures the Best Christian ROI Opportunity? 🤔

To know why faith driven ventures are the best Christian ROI opportunity for faith driven investors goes beyond faith driven consumers prolific consumer spending power. The consecrated faith of faith driven consumers is clearly on display in the psychographic characteristics which both motivates and determines where they are going to honor God with their consumer choices. Studies show that faith driven consumers are not only the most powerful consumer-subset in history but – they are the most loyal too including willing to pay more for the same product with faith driven retailers as opposed to shopping with worldly retailers and brands. And more than just do business with faith driven companies, they are willing to commit significant percentages of their discretionary spending with faith-compatible marketplaces, brands, products, apps and services.

Faith Driven Consumers Spend How Much on Faith Driven Ventures?! 💵

A lot! These numbers provided by AmericanInsights.org represent only US Faith Driven Consumers.

  • 81% of US Faith Driven Consumers (33.2M) are willing to spend fully 50% of their budget with faith-compatible retailers (US$810 Billion).
  • 65% of US Faith Driven Consumers (26.6M), are willing to spend at least 75% of their budget with biblically friendly brands (US$975 Billion).
  • 24% of US Faith Driven Consumers (9.8M) would be willing to spend their entire budget (100%) with retailers who share their Christian values and worldview (US$480 Billion).

Faith Driven Ventures Attract the Highest Loyalty and Commitment 🥳

Numbers like these speak to a loyalty and commitment on the part of Faith Driven Consumers to values-compatible retailers that is not only rare, but unequaled in consumer history.

As Faith driven investors if you are blessed to invest in faith driven ventures that attain a proper product/market fit you will be blessed to reap the rewards of outstanding ROI that only global faith driven ventures can provide among all Christian investment opportunities serving 408 million Faith Driven Consumers and 2 billion Christian shoppers worldwide.

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