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Welcome to our Faith Driven Ministry and Outreach Centre ?

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Faith Driven VC: Digital Missionaries in the Third Millennium for Christ ?

Our Faith Driven Ministry and Outreach model is purpose-driven, results-driven, focused on outcomes and achievements. The world continues to remove by fiat as many Godly values from our lives and the public square as possible. All Christians must live their lives understanding we are never to cede ground to the enemy. We are in a battle and CS Lewis noted we are to respond to the Call of God on our life in the great campaign against the Darkness.

Faith Driven VC: Education and Private Christian Schools ?

Our Faith Driven Ministry and Outreach model’s top priority is Christian education and planting private Christian schools K through 12 worldwide. The formative and foundational years are the most critical time in a child’s life for establishing that Jesus is Lord. Private Christian schools offer advanced level courses, small class sizes, faith-compatible teachers, and courses in the Word of God. They also have been scientifically proven to provide academic advantages preparing children for university classes at a significantly higher rate than public education. The Council for American Private Education states, “Students who attend religious schools score at an academic level about 12 months ahead of their counterparts.”

Faith Driven Entrepreneurs: Whole Life Impacting Stewardship ?

As Kingdom-minded Faith Driven Investors we look for Kingdom-minded Faith Driven Entrepreneurs who infuse their faith into all they do. It is not enough to be a ‘Kingdom Techie’ but rather a FDE who understands God is calling them to a lifetime of impact and service. FDVC invests exclusively in FDE who have a strategic faith driven ministry and outreach within or alongside their Faith Driven Ventures. The future wealth and blessings God empowers them with is to be used strategically to elevate Christians into C-Suite titles and positions of power across multiple industries locally, provincially and nationally to help shape a defined narrative in Christ and make an impact in every phase of life.

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