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Investor Verification


Welcome to our Faith Driven Investors Verification Centre ?

Hello again! Let’s finish your verification process to confirm your 1Hr Faith Driven Investor Discovery Meeting.

What type of ID can I use for verification? ?

If you are in the US you may use your current passport or your state driver’s license. If you are outside the US, you must use your passport for verification photo.

How do I take a picture of my ID? ?

Place your ID face-up on a solid background. Make sure there is good, natural light in the room. Hold your iPhone or Android device over your ID about 6 to 8 inches and make sure ALL of the ID is in the photo.

  1. Do NOT block or cover any part of your driver’s license or passport as all information is needed to conform to US law.
  2. Do NOT use a flash because it distorts the photo in some places.

Once you’ve got a clear photo of your passport or driver’s license then attach it below and send it to us to confirm your 1Hr Faith Driven Investor Discovery Meeting and complete your verification process. Thank you!

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