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Steph D.

“Hello, I’m Steph! Founder at Faith Driven VC.”



Founder & General Partner - Faith Driven VC


Stephan is a Christian American gentleman, founder & GP of Faith Driven VC™ 🏔️. Steph’s life accomplishments include being a Christian, father, family man and Founder & Original Concept UI/UX Designer ChristianMomentum™ 🛍️.

Steph brings value-building characteristics as Lead Architect of Faith Driven VC’s investment model overseeing Faith Driven ventures and their respective platforms, application & data, utilities, DevOps and business tools for both desktop and mobile apps platforms (iOS & Android).

Steph’s responsibilities also include comprehensive global Christian retail market analysis, audits of US Christian bookstores, Amazon, eBay & Etsy Christian product listings, understanding the global financial strength and psychographic characteristics of Faith Driven Consumers, US and EU tax compliance, and strategic media partnerships.

Steph is passionate about serving God in marketplace ministry and has a heart to see every Christian step into the fullness of their destiny for Christ. He is particularly drawn to private Christian education to provide our children and youth the values and morals in Christ that will keep them on a straight, God-honoring and narrow path for their lives. Steph volunteers with and supports our homeless, food-insecure children and other causes God has laid upon his heart.

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