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The New Faith Driven Marketplace

Ark™ – The New Faith Driven Marketplace 🛍️

Hello Christian Investors! It’s great to see you. 👋🏻

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us in Faith Driven tech ventures that honor God and joining our Christian tech fund. Please take a moment to review our portfolio company Ark™.

Solution 💯 

Investment Target US$750K 🎯

US$250,000 from 2 Faith Driven Investors

Business Overview 💼

  • Location:

🇨🇦 Vancouver, BC: Founder & Headquarters PT
🇺🇸 Las Vegas, NV: Founder & Admin Office FT
🇺🇸 Los Angeles, CA: Technical Co-Founder & Development Office FT

Investment Summary 📄

  • Type: Equity – Preferred Stock
  • Valuation Pre-Money: US$10 Million
  • Equity Offered: 7.5%
  • Pre-Seed Round: 2nd

Making History 🏆 

Business Highlights 🚨

  • First Mover Status/No Competitors
  • Network Effects Defensibility with 3 Phases of Development
  • Fastest Marketplace in History to Reach Registered Retailers in 41 Countries
  • Established 2-Day Fulfillment Shipping Partner

Key Features 🔑

  • Pre-Seed Opportunity
  • Deleware Structure
  • LLC to Preferred Stock
  • Investment in Ark

Ministry & Outreaches ✝️

Idea & Pertinent Info 💡


408 million Faith Driven Consumers worldwide who collectively possess US$10 trillion dollars in annual purchasing power, plus an additional 2 billion Christian shoppers, would like to see the marketplace adequately provide and acknowledge them.

  • The current global Christian retail market is valued at US$15 billion annually (see deck to learn more).

Significant barriers for Faith Driven Consumers is they feel completely underserved and the current US, EU and global consumer marketplace does not adequately acknowledge, welcome and provide for them as Christians. Bottom line: Christian in general and Faith Driven Consumers in particular feel unwelcome in the marketplace. 

Ark™ aims to tackle this problem through its faith driven, co-creator marketplace and platform, which enables faith driven retailers and sellers to connect and transact with faith driven consumers worldwide.

Ark™ has designed our network effects business model to be particularly efficient for retailers in three channels:

  1. Christian Retail
  2. Mainstream Retail
  3. Food & Drink Retail

Learn more in Ark’s pitch deck.

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